Thailand Project — Sandee Ewasiuk

Thailand Project

I spent the month of October, 2017, at an artist residency in Northern Thailand. ComPeung is the name of the residency, located in the village of Doi Saket, just North of the city of Chiang Mai. My idea was to work with as many materials from Thailand that I could find, so I brought only a handful of brushes and some embroidery thread from home. I purchased patterned fabric from the wonderful markets in Chiang Mai, and acrylic paint from the city as well.

 Using a temporary stretcher fashioned from bamboo poles, and using my Thailand photos for reference, I painted with layers of acrylic paint.  Some of the pieces are finished with bits of embroidery, and on many of the borders of the paintings are old handmade Thailand hill tribe pieces also found in the markets of Chiang Mai. At the end of the residency I rolled the paintings up together and carried them in my backpack.  Now they hang like tapestries.